Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boston Radio Talk Show Host Howie Carr Injured in Car Accident (STATEMENT)                  
"To All Members of The WRKO Listening Family:
 I'm sad to report our good friend and colleague Howie Carr was injured today in an auto accident. Those of us who know, love and respect Howie and his work recognize what an important day Tuesday was for him and why he toiled through the night to compose his columns and prepare for the post-election radio show today. The Republican surge that swept across America was something Howie predicted and so urgently wanted to share with each of you on the air throughout the week. However, as a precaution, Howie will remain off the air and under observation to ensure a full recovery with no complications. At this time, I ask all of our great WRKO listeners to keep Howie and his family in your thoughts and prayers."


Phil Zachary
Vice President/Market Manager

Entercom Boston

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