Friday, October 24, 2014

Salem NH: Two Woodbury Middle School Students were Hit by a Car this Afternoon                  
  "Today at dismissal, two Woodbury Middle School students were struck by a car as they crossed Main Street. Salem Fire Department and Salem Police Department officials responded immediately. Emergency Medical Technicians treated the two students and soon thereafter released them to their parents or guardians. We’re thankful that neither student suffered serious physical injuries.
          Many of these two students’ classmates witnessed the accident and were shaken and distraught. Administrators and the school nurses walked these students back to the school where they had an opportunity to speak with a school counselor and were able to be a source of comfort for one another.
            It seems that the students crossed from one side of Main Street to the other at Henderson Circle. It appears the car that hit them may have been traveling at an unsafe speed. The combination of crossing the street outside a crosswalk and the high rate of speed resulted in an accident. Again, we’re grateful that neither student suffered serious physical injuries."

 * All text from Salem NH Superintendent Michael W. Delahanty, Ed.D. *Photo courtesy of Salem School District

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