Saturday, August 23, 2014

Details on Artie T.'s Final Bid for Market Basket 8/23/14                  
"The Boston Globe has uncovered some of the details behind Arthur T. Demoulas’s final offer to buy Market Basket, which is expected to be discussed this weekend and could bring an end to the high-profile supermarket fight that has engulfed much of Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire this summer. According to the Globe, the bid is for $1.5 billion, with more than $500 million of that figure coming in the form of financing from an unnamed private equity firm. Previous discussions had centered on Arthur T.’s rivals, Arthur S. Demoulas and his family, providing a financing plan. neither side had seemed happy with the others’ proposed terms for that plan. Arthur T. and family own 49.5 percent of Market Basket and are seeking to buy out the remaining 50.5 percent from Arthur S. and his side. The bid for $1.5 billion would put the valuation at around $3 billion." ...To continue reading on click here

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