Friday, August 22, 2014

Arthur T. Demoulas Statement on His Final Bid 8/22/14                  
By:George Leavitt
 Arthur T. Demoulas has released a statement through his spokesperson Justine Griffin, it reads as follows:

  "Having submitted his final bid on Thursday and heard the statement of the Governors this evening, Arthur T. Demoulas expects that this purchase can and should be finalized immediately," Griffin said. "The bid remains at full price and its terms are extremely favorable to the sellers. There is nothing that stands in the way of getting this done this weekend. It's time to complete this deal so we can all get back to doing what we love doing, and that is running Market Basket."

Back to opinion and not facts. Most "Market Basket" employees are remaining cautiously optimistic about this news and don't want to give up until it is official and they hear from Artie T. directly. In folowing the story over the last few weeks there has not been much to report on, I apologize. I have been out there talking to employees store managers but I never felt there was anything to write about, because there wasn't. For two weeks I have been hearing more and more rumors with no way to confirm. As a Market Basket customer myself I can tell you this is the most concrete thing I have heard in weeks. So from me to you as Market Basket customers I hope this thing gets done soon, I am sick of paying $3.50 for bagels.

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