Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is this Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 (White hat ) Running at Fairfield? (PHOTOS)

Is this suspect #2(White hat) running after detonation at Fairfield and Boylston? The other kid seems not to be #1.                  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

National Anthem Boston Bruins game 4/17/13 (VIDEO)                  

Seven Year Old Crushes Sweet Child O' Mine on Guitar (VIDEO)                   It cuts off abruptly at 4:09, sorry. Great job Zoe!

Photos of Man Fleeing after Detonation of First Marathon Bomb (VIDEO)

At or about the 1:13 mark this video show a series of photos of a man fleeing the scene as every one else is dazed and stunned from the blast. "I love that Dirty Water, Boston you're my home!"                   WHDH-TV 7News Boston