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Stop Looking Like a Fool With Facebook Law for Idiots (VIDEO)


Painting of Barack Obama being Crucified on Display at Boston Gallery (PHOTO)


"An artist whose depiction of President Barack Obama wearing a crown of thorns and standing in a crucifixion pose was kept from public display four years ago is finally sharing his painting with the public at a college gallery in Boston – although anger remains over the work that some have deemed blasphemous. "I always regretted cancelling my exhibit in New York because I feel my First Amendment rights should override someone's hurt feelings. We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves," Michael D'Antuono told Fox News. The acrylic painting, titled "The Truth", was originally slated for display in New York City's Union Square in 2009, but outcry from Christian groups forced a change of plans. to read the rest of the story click here" *All text from christianpost.com

Dear Lord, Winning the Lottery Won't Make me a Bad Person (PHOTO)


Two and a Half Men's Angus Jones Converts, His Testimony (VIDEO)


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Live Video of Strip Club Exploding in Downtown Springfield,MA (VIDEO)

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Hairy Chest Tie (PHOTO)

KidFrank.com                   This could quite possibly be the greatest tie ever, available at zazzle.com

How Sad, That Stick Family Only Has a Dog (ECARD)


Zombie Prank Causes Car Accident (VIDEO)


People Fighting over Phones at Walmart, Black Friday 2012 (VIDEO)


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Hulk Hogan Thanksgiving Message to Hulkamaniacs From 1989 (VIDEO)


A Black Friday Rant

KidFrank.com                   Dear Black Friday, You used to be a time of adventure for our family, as we rose early (more like the middle of the night), picked up sausage McMuffins, fresh cups of hot coffee and traversed crowds of excited Christmas shoppers to kick off the season. My wife and I used to look forward to you as it gave us a chance to play our own version of the Amazing Race. Each year you have crept closer and closer to the day before and are now shamelessly encroaching on a day of Thanks?! To make it worse its not even close to Friday but rather 8pm, when we are still digesting our pie. Black Thanksgiving is totally lame and just seems wrong on so many levels---shame on you Toys r Us, Walmart, Target and Kmart. You have indeed sold out. Pass the pie please... Regards, Paul Soucy
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Brad Keselowski Post Championship Interview, Giant Beer (VIDEO)


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Call Me Maybe: Troops vs Cheerleader (VIDEO)


Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Resigns from Sesame Workshop (STATEMENT)

After a second lawsuit was filed today Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has resigned from " Sesame Workshop. Sesame Workshop releases this statement today "Sesame Workshop’s mission is to harness the educational power of media to help all children the world over reach their highest potential. Kevin Clash has helped us achieve that mission for 28 years, and none of us, especially Kevin, want anything to divert our attention from our focus on serving as a leading educational organization. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street." *Photo courtesy of ABC News

Pink: Try (LIVE) AMA Show (VIDEO)

KidFrank.com                   Psy with MC Hammer Gangnam Style/2 Legit LIVE AMA's (VIDEO)Psy with MC Hammer Live- Gangnam Style/2 Legit Mashup (VIDEO)

NH Police Searching for Couple in Abuse of 3 Year Old Boy (PHOTO)

KidFrank.com                   Plaistow,NH police are searching for Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow in connection with the alleged beating of Linscott's three year old son. The boy was dropped off at Exeter Hospital, the boy has lost his vision as a result.
*Photo courtesy of 7NEWS Boston

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Andrew Bynum Chia Hair (PHOTO)


Salvador Dali Etching Dropped Off at Goodwill Store

Someone donated a Salvador Dali etching to a Goodwill store in Tacoma,WA. It is not known whether the person who donated knew it's value which is estimated to be around $10,000.You can read the complete The News Tribune story here

My Boys "Must be Gay", They wear my shoes


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If you have watched the news at all recently, you probably saw the J.Crew-pink-toenails controversy. I feel the need to comment, because I am outraged at the idiocy that this is even a *story*.

LINK to complete ABC News story

First of all. I have THREE BOYS. I do not have a daughter. My house is full of testosterone, snips, snails and puppy dogs tails, and a whole lot of weird smells. My floor is never clean, and my bathroom? Well, forget it. It's just disgusting. Yes, I live with boys.
The thing that riled me up about this story, is the fact that people are assuming that this mother is making her child "gay" by painting his toenails. I would like to note that my kids would probably dress up like Shirley Temple --even put a curly top wig on and tap dance their brains out to get into a magazine or catalog. How exciting to get to be in print-- and for something as simple as letting mom paint their toes? well, we've already done that. All 3 of my children have asked me on more than one occasion if I could paint their nails. Out of mere fascination, and the FUN of having their nails colored. Nail polish is exciting. Its paint..made for putting on your body. Is it gendered? No. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind the scenes, we now have a billion color choices, and there are a lot of males who paint their nails. I'd be the first mom to cringe if my kids wanted press on nails... but as soon as they realized how few things you can actually *do* with press on's, they'd never want them again anyway. For injury sake, I'd say no. Is dress up only for girls? Not by a long shot. I know a little boy who wears a ninja suit on a regular basis. My children spent YEARS in red capes. 24-7. To Dr. appointments, to the grocery store... Whats the difference? Superheroes probably paint their nails. I've never met a superhero in real life... but I know spandex is a big part of their getup. How gender oriented is SPANDEX? I prefer my husband to NOT wear it... but if he was saving the world, yes. I think spandex would be very appropriate.
The psychologist making comments in this story is suggesting that the mother is psychologically damaging her son by painting his toes. I dare say that if you're not having sweet interactions like this with your mom, you're really going to be screwed up. Factually, the first 5 years of a child's life is the most important as far as development and character and bonding with your parents. It sets the tone for who you will become.
Little boys have a short window of time between birth and school age where mom is an all-powerful and important person who is their entire world. This child in the ad "clearly" is having a wonderful time of having his toes painted. And if his favorite color is pink? Well, that says an awful lot about his mother. I don't pick my kids favorite color, do you? My kids are allowed to have their own opinion... especially on favorite color. If you can't let your kid have a favorite color-- your child will DEFINITELY be in need of therapy when he's older.
My youngest child is now 5 years old. For the first time, I am forced to face the reality that my reign as "all powerful and amazing mommy" is rapidly drawing to an end. As my youngest child is joining the ranks with his bothers, and is now marching in his daddy's shoes with the other two. They are not trying to be like me anymore you see... They are now trying to be just like Dad. This is the natural course of things. My babies have now become little men, and have all realized that mommy powdering their noses, and trying on moms sparkly high heel shoes is not as cool as it use dto be.
This psychologist should have spent the last 9 years at my house. I'd love to hear the outrage over the way I let my kids all have their high-heel races up and down the hallway. I would love to see his eyes pop out of his skull when my boys helped fold laundry and tried on my bras. I'd love to see him reel over the desperation in my children's eyes to have me apply lip gloss to their lips when I was putting my makeup on. Are my kids gay? So far-- they aren't. If lip gloss and nail polish makes you gay... then I wouldn't have married my husband, and I wouldn't be cleaning pee from around my toilet seat 15 times a day. This is just the silliest thing I have ever heard.
If your little boy was repulsed by girly things, wouldn't you be more inclined to think he was gay? No? Its completely normal for boys to have a fascination for glitter. Its pretty. Girls are pretty. In my house, it's so rare to see pink and sparkly things, that when something comes into my house that is-- my kids stop dead in their tracks and gawk. We never had a Dora the Explorer play set. You betcha' that when they go to someone elses house, they want to play with that. Its a normal reaction.... Colors you don't see often are exciting. That's why we get excited to see flowers after a long snowy winter. Colors are exciting. High heeled shoes are exciting. (Any straight man can tell you this too.) Men design shoes. Sequins and fabrics are beautiful. Throughout history-- kings demanded to be clothed in the richest purples and silks because its SO BEAUTIFUL. Purple and pink are not gender specific. Its a color. And while you're at it with the gender identity... your little boys have estrogen too. Fact.
My youngest son had a pink and purple Mohawk for months. I dyed it with real permanent hair dye for him. He wanted it so badly that I caved. I'd say 95% of people had great reactions. The other 5%? Homo phobics who made comments as ridiculous as this story about the boy with pink toes. Its a pink Mohawk. He loves it. Have a sense of humor and keep your opinions to yourself.
I can imagine that someday my children's wives will be very grateful that I let them each have a doll and practice holding babies the right way. That they played house and cooked and cleaned with me and did all sorts of "girl things". Laundry is for everyone. Not for just for women. My boys will know how to sort and fold and cook and clean, and maybe even BRAID HAIR. They will be the best Dad's EVER.
No matter what these crazy people say, I know one thing for sure. Nobody rocks a pair of heels like my son can. He can walk better in them than I do! I know I am not a perfect parent. I am absolutely sure that my kids are screwed up and will probably need to visit a psychiatrist one day... but I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's going to be for a million other things, and not for me letting them have polish on their toes.
Stephen Tyler sings a song about the color pink... He's revered as a legend. If you're a grown man, is it then alright to like the color pink? If you are a grown-up and you still feel like you aren't allowed to have a color you like, then perhaps you should make an appointment with a psychiatrist right away.

here's a great little video my friend found that seems exactly appropriate for this subject:

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A Collection of Tweets about Yahoo Fantasy Football being Down on 11/11/12

KidFrank.com I was trying to explain to my wife how mad people were going to be about Yahoo Fantasy Football being down. She said "They are mad because they can't see their fake team? Wait they can still watch football right? What's the problem? First world problems." So I found this on Deadspin.com. Be warned there is a lot of anger and swearing in these tweets.
*All tweets compiled by deadspin.com for the rest of the story click here

Mitt Romney's Wild Milk Binge, SNL (VIDEO)


Yahoo Fantasy Football Servers Down to Start 1 PM Games

KidFrank.com Here is a collection angry tweets to Yahoo about the site being down "Fantasy football participants venturing to Yahoo! for some last-minute lineup tweaks or anything else were hit with a rude awakening on Sunday, as the site's fantasy football servers were down just prior to the morning games. The site appears to be getting back online as we move on, which is certainly a good thing, but the damage has been done. Eight games kicked off at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. That is 16 teams' worth of fantasy options that Yahoo! participants did not get the option of adjusting and tweaking. " To continue reading on bleacherreport.com click here *All text from bleacherreport.com

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The Republican Massive Election Day Blunder, Project ORCA

"The Unmitigated Disaster Known As Project ORCA What is Project Orca? Well, this is what they told us: Project ORCA is a massive undertaking – the Republican Party’s newest, unprecedented and most technologically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election. Pretty much everything in that sentence is false. The "massive undertaking" is true, however. It would take a lot of planning, training and coordination to be done successfully (oh, we'll get to that in a second). This wasn't really the GOP's effort, it was Team Romney's. And perhaps "unprecedented" would fit if we're discussing failure. The entire purpose of this project was to digitize the decades-old practice of strike lists. The old way was to sit with your paper and mark off people that have voted and every hour or so, someone from the campaign would come get your list and take it back to local headquarters. Then, they'd begin contacting people that hadn't voted yet and encourage them to head to the polls. It's worked for years. From the very start there were warning signs. After signing up, you were invited to take part in nightly conference calls. The calls were more of the slick marketing speech type than To continue reading click here " *All text from Ace of Spades HQ *Photo courtesy of wcpo.com