Sunday, May 13, 2012

Carl Beane on Derek Jeter (QUOTE)

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On getting the names right: “When a team comes in, I talk to their media relations person or their announcer. If I have an opportunity, I’ll ask the player himself. I’ll walk up to him and say, “Say your name.” Kansas City has a player named Gotay, but it’s not pronounced “go-tay,” it’s “go-tie.” It’s my job to have it right, so I always check.
“I [announce every player’s name] the same, with one exception: Derek Jeter. I pause just a little longer between the Derek and the Jeter. He knows it, too. After one game, he came up to me in the clubhouse and said, ‘I know why you do that. You do it so they can boo me twice.’ I admitted that it was true, and the next night when I did it, he looked up at me and nodded. But it’s funny, there are players who get more boos than he does. ARod and Sheffield get it worse. Jeter’s boos aren’t vicious, they’re more like Mantle-boos. He’s booed out of respect.”To continue reading click here.

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