Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bobby Valentine declares "No Beer in the clubhouse" , Is Chicken next?

From Dan Roche CBS Boston:

Bobby Valentine instated a new rule for the Red Sox clubhouse this season: No beer in the clubhouse or on the last leg of charter flights. It’s a rule that Valentine has always had as a manager (except his days in Texas).

“I’m comfortable with it that way,” he said.

When asked how that was received, Valentine joked, “you mean like standing ovation or booing?”

All text from CBS Boston Click here for complete story


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dave Matthews Band Announces 2012 North American Summer Tour

Dave Matthews Band has announced their first tour in over a year which will begin in Texas May 18th and end in California September 9th. The tour will be in support of the forthcoming album which they are in the studio recording as we speak. For more information check out their website.


HIRIKO Collapsible City Car (VIDEO)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Where,When and How She Was Found

Link:Ten Whitney Houston Videos (VIDEOS)

CNN is reporting that she was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel around 3:55 PM by her bodyguard. There were no obvious signs of a crime. Attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccesful.


Ten Whitney Houston Videos, Including Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner (VIDEOS)

Troubled Pop Star Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Link:Ten Whitney Houston Videos (VIDEOS)

Her agent Kevin foster announced her death earlier today, but was quiet how and where she died.
Houston's drug problems were widely reported and also her often volatile relationship with her ex-husband Bobby Brown kept her in the spotlight.


Will Ferrel Introduces Hornets / Bulls Lineups on 80's Night (VIDEO)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Happens to the Body When it Attempts to Digest Top Ramen (VIDEO)

Long Time Boston TV, Radio Personality Dave Maynard Dead at 82

A fixture on the airwaves of Boston radio and TV for almost 50 years, WBZ legendary broadcaster Dave maynard has passed away at 82. His son said he had been suffering from Parkinson's  Disease.

Announcement from:

“All of New England and the WBZ family has lost a radio icon and a treasured friend today. Dave Maynard ruled the airways and owned a special place in our hearts for many years. He was a Hall of Fame caliber broadcaster from the very first day here at WBZ. Generations of broadcasters learned how to be a communicator, entertainer, and friend from Dave Maynard. He was a pioneer at using the power of his voice and his radio program to raise money for worthy causes here in New England and set the standard on how to help his neighbors by being a friend on the radio.”


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dog Bites Denver News Anchor In the Face on Live TV (VIDEO)

A Denver news anchor doing a story on a dog who was rescued from icy water was bitten by said dog. Kyle Dyer was interviewing the fire fighter who rescued the dog and it's owner when she was  bitten in the face on live TV this morning. A fellow anchor said she was going to be okay and was talking when she left.


Vader Walks New Born Imperial Walker (PIC)


via: George Takei

via: Shawn Nadeau

Tallest High School Basketball Player 7'5" (VIDEO)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rob Gronkowski Going Crazy With LMFAO After Super Bowl (2 VIDEOS)

Link: Gronk on Stage with LMFAO (4 PICS))

OK Go Needing/Getting - Official Video

New York Giants Celebrating on Plane to " I Got a Ring" (VIDEO)

Madonna Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show (VIDEO)

M&M Super Bowl Commercial, Sexy and I Know it (VIDEO)

Circus Motorcycle Jump Gone Wrong, Hits Support Cable (VIDEO)

Very scary. FYI: motorcyclist survived with a broken leg, clown was okay also. If kids are around turn the audio down a couple f-bombs are heard from the crowd.

Link: Cop Aces Motorcycle Course (VIDEO)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rob Gronkowski Will Play in Super Bowl 46

According to  NBC's Pro Football Talk Blog, Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski  will play in Super Bowl 46. Gronkowski's agent Drew Rosenhaus told NBC that Gronkowski probably would not have played if this was not the Super Bowl.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tiquan Underwood Cut by Patriots on Eve of Super Bowl 46 (PIC)

On the eve of the biggest game of his life, the patriots have cut wide receiver Tiquan Underwood. This being the guy who showed his love for the team by shaving a patriot logo into his "Kid-n-Play" style fade.This will definitely give Chad Ochocinco a better chance of making an impact on this Super Bowl.

Link: Giants Website Accidentally Reveals Giants as Super Bowl 46 Winners (PIC)

Giants Website Accidentally Reveals Giants as Super Bowl 46 Winners (PIC)

Link:Patriots Cut WR Tiquan Underwood on Eve of Super Bowl

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sh*t Boston Girls Say

Plenty of swears and sexual references, you have been warned. Plain english, you know what you are getting into.

Link: Sh*t Boston Guys Say (VIDEO)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Soul Train Founder Don Cornelius Dead at 75, Possible Suicide

Legendary producer and television host Don Cornelius of Soul Train was found dead in his Sherman Oaks home this morning. It appeared to be of his own doing as LA County Assistant Coroner Ed Winter was quoted as "It was reported as a suicide, a self inflicted wound".
He was 75.

More to come as this story is just breaking.

Sh*t Boston Guys Say (VIDEO)

In case you didn't already realize this video has a lot of swears, cuss words innappropriate language you have been warned.

Go Pats!

Link: Sh*t Boston Girls Say (VIDEO)

Link:Tom Brady Guarantees Super Bowl 46 Win? (VIDEO)