Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boxing Legend Smokin' Joe Frazier Dies (VIDEO)

Boxing legend Smokin' Joe Frazier passed away last night at 67 after a brief battle with liver cancer. Frazier was 32-1-4 in his career with 27 wins by knockout with three of his four losses from Muhammad Ali(2) and George Foreman(1). One of the greatest boxers in history Frazier was one of Muhammad Ali's greatest rivals in the 1970's. In 1971 Frazier became the first person to beat Muhammad Ali in what was dubbed "The Fight of The Century" . Ali was quoted last night as saying "The world has lost a great champion"
Frazier was known for his bobbing and weaving style of fighting and a devastating left hook (as you can see at the 2:35 and 2:42 mark of below video)in which he used to take Ali down in 1971.

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