Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Opinion: Occupy NH


My thoughts on the "Occupy Wall Sreet" movement are that  they are not totally wrong. Some of the editorials I have read on the liberal side have claimed that people with masters degrees and p.h.d.'s who are protesting are regular people or "regular folks" as the President call them. I am sorry but people with graduate degrees are not regular. These people should try digging a ditch for a living.

Some are complaining that they are over qualified for hourly work, then leave your degree out of your resume'. I will say one thing these people are right about is the deterioration of the middle class, yet this is not just solely  big business' fault. Technology is also to blame. The advances in technology over the last 35 years have been immense. Yet some job loss is due to social welfare programs. Why would anyone want to pick cotton or dig a ditch for $8.00 an hour when you could collect the same amount from the government? Not that these people want to be unemployed but you tell me what you would rather do.

One of the things that really gets me riled up is when I hear people say "these people are just sitting home collecting a check livin' the dream"
I am sorry but have you ever been to Lawrence, MA? This is where my business is located. I don't think anybody would choose to live here if they had the oppurtunity to live some where else. It is a dreary depressing place, the schools are horrible they don't fix the roads the mayor is allegedly corrupt. Granted their are people who are spunging off the system and the Mayor may be one of them.

So what I am trying to say may seem jumbled to you, be you a right wing conservative or lefty liberal. But the truth is most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I listen to both sides all day on the radio as I drive around selling and making deliveries for my family business. NPR will tell you that all thes people in the "Occupy" movement are just nice people voicing their freedom of speech. Michael Graham on the other hand will tell you that these people are communist who need to take a shower.

It amazes me at how people on either side can just be turned into mouth pieces.Please people think for yourselves, listen to both sides and form your own opinion. Also don't hate people just because they are pro choice or for welfare programs.

To all the "Occupy" protesters I say you are not communists do your thing be safe and don't let the anarchist's co-opt your protest.

To all the tea partiers I say do your thing be safe and don't let the bankers co-opt your protest.

In closing I say the differences in these groups is what makes America a great country and if either is forced to stop because they are labeled as
fascists or communist then that is a country I do not want to live in.


I took the pic on this post and set it up, and if you think I am some lefty liberal come check the Romney sign on my lawn.

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  1. Thank you for your post I enjoyed it. I agree most of us are somewhere in the middle. I have voted democratic, republican, libertarian, independent and others. I have degrees but they were hard earned and still have pretty much dug ditches most of my life. I use to do it in the military and now I do it to install your cable. However, back to my point and off my rambling.

    Great post and I think the idea is great because most of us left, right and center are tired, scared and fed up with the direction we are going. So I hope we can come together in the center and this movement moves back in that direction to the center. Because, I think this movement is the nearest of anything I've seen in this country to letting the leaders know we need some fair and just change. That is some of the reason I stand behind this movement.

    Another is I don't think the corporations or politicians get it. This maybe the only way the citizens can get the message to them that things are heading steadily still in the wrong direction. Thanks again for your post.

    Good Luck to you in all your endeavors from down here in South Carolina.