Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's Junky Music Closes Down For Good

KidFrank has just got word from a former employee that a local institution Daddy's Junky Music has closed it's doors for good. After closing seven stores in August because of rising health insurance and  workman's comp costs the chain just could not survive anymore.

This is just another example of the corporatization of America and all we will be left with soon is big box stores and no personal service, no money staying local. Yet there is hope now is the perfect time for young entrepeneurs to rise up, be it in the music instrument business or any  business a void is beginning to open. The void is personal service hometown feel.

Not to sound hippie like, but you need to buy local. Look at where your stuff comes from, pay a little more if some guy in town made it, you could always go to him if  it does not work as expected and the profit stays in the community. If a guy in your town can make a million bucks odds are he is going to spend a lot of it locally. Globalist take their money and spend it in Fiji, Hong Kong and Cannes. Not that we are any better than those places,but let the make their own local money there.

 Exploit this weakness people continue your protests Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street but take your anger towards the 1% and  the corporate peddlers and fight back, hit em' where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

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