Monday, August 8, 2011

What Will Happen In U.S. Equities Today?Armageddon? Capitulation?Your Thoughts?

Link: Greece passes austerity package is U.S. Next?

I just wanted to see if we could get a discussion going about the US debt downgrade. What do you guys think? Is this armageddon?Who is at Fault? Conservative Tea Party, for pushing us to the brink? Liberals for spending too much? S&P trying to get back on the radar after the 2008 credit. I s a debacle? Are we entering a brave new world today August 8,2001? "Don't get all caught up in it."
were my Wife's last words to me before I left the house this morning. She has the right idea, I hope. The sun will still rise tomorrow, no matter what.

*times square pic:

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  1. What if it is Armageddon? And it spurs nuclear warfare and the sun doesn't rise tomorrow. I've had a pretty awesome life.

    Doesn't seem likely, but it could happen. They said the '04 Sox couldn't beat the Yankees. We know how that played out!