Thursday, August 4, 2011

Celina Cass, Fact and Opinion    By: Shear Styles

Monday, July 23rd Celina Cass, an 11 year old girl is reported missing in NH. Her mother and step father alleged the last time they had seen her was the previous night around 9:00PM on her computer. The next morning, she was gone without a trace. Her disappearance launched a massive search.

Her home being within miles of  Vermont and the Connecticut river authorities from NH, VT, and the FBI began there investigation.

For a solid week  leads seemed to go no where, up  until just hours after her step father was rushed  to the hospital (for reasons we don't know). Authorities then intensified their search along a specific location of  the Connecticut river. The media was asked to leave the scene, a body was recovered, later determined to be the body of Celina Cass.


At this point, many people were asking, Where is the Father? Well, the answer followed shortly. He was in a medically induced coma, in the hospital and woke up to this news! No longer a suspect in my book! Then, more of us started to ask...Where is the mother? Why hasn't she spoken to the press? What about the step father now? Why, when they are supposed to be looking for answers, have they not pleaded with the public for help? I just want to throw out there, he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia by the way!

Well, As of yesterday, the major crime units from NH, and VT returned to the home of Celina Cass once again, tarping down the step fathers truck bed and later towing it away?

 BREAKING NEWS!!!! Investigators called Celina Cass death suspicious because when her body was recovered from the Conn river, it was covered in a blanket. Who accidentally dies in a river wrapped in a blanket? Nobody! So, we know she was placed there. Also, the stepfather has now committed himself to a mental facility! To add to all this new news, Celina's older sister told detectives her and her sister had recently been forced to sleep in the basement on an air mattress instead of in their beds in their bedroom!

This story just keeps unfolding and becoming more and more heart breaking. Did you see him (the step father) the other night after learning Celina's body was found dead in the river? When a reporter from WMUR asked if he had slept the night before, he said "of course we did" with sarcasm! Who would be able to sleep? I believe if the mother had nothing to do with it, her instinct should be chiming in! You know us mothers are pretty amazing creatures! :) But, shes been absent from the press, so its hard to know where she's at. It doesn't feel normal to me though! Even if she was asleep, you would think she would just know! Also, what I want to know is why the kids were being forced to sleep in the basement on air mattresses?! She must have known this was happening! Sounds to me like this mother is either an accomplice or she is protecting him. Either way, I send my prayers out, Celina Cass may you  rest in peace!

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  1. Also to add, she was on facebook at an odd time of the day when she is usually on her computer, Facebook confirms she was last on her computer at 1:00pm in the afternoon Monday, her habits were 7pm till 2pm in the morning every day except for this day. When the parent's said she was on the computer at 9:00pm that led me to suspect on the first day of the investigation that she had been murdered.