Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Want The Cup! (VIDEOS)

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Wow what a day it is going to be today, the Boston Bruins will play in their first Stanley Cup Game 7. The anticipation is sickening,I am running around my house like a mad man trying to find my oldest sons spoked B shirt to wear to school.If you are anything like me you are going crazy waiting for this game. I could not sleep last night It is going to be a long day. Today Kid Frank will be totally devoted to the Boston Bruins, I will be adding to this post daily videos, links stories anything to get us through this day.

Thank you all for sticking by Kid Frank before and during the playoffs, we  have got our most hits ever during these past months. is a breaking news, lifestyle just a site for stuff you want to see, check out our other posts. become a follower or click the "like" button.

Here is a link to a great story on with a breakdown of game 7
Link to: Stu Hackel's Red Light blog on

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