Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie Review: X-men First Class

The movie begins in the midst of WWII and Nazi Germany. It was a little "heavy". Anything having to do with taking children from their parents and being sent to work-camps really gets to me as well. I think they did an excellent job of telling the back ground story of the X-Men, even for people who have never seen any of the other movies or read the comic books. It was very action packed. The special effects were decent and the character acting and development was good. Kevin Bacon plays a believable villain. (I think this was a good career move for him.)
Because I had not read the comic books, this movie answered a lot of questions I had regarding "how's", "when's", and "why's" of the X-Men. I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end and so did the kids.
I definitely think it was worth it to see this in the theater. I would definitely recommend it.

Should You Take The Little Ones?

We have 3 boys who are between the ages of 5-9 years old and all of them are big time into superhero action movies. I think if I had known the violence was as much I would have had the little guy sit this one out.The PG-13 rating for this movie was right on. So, if you have little guys like I do, perhaps the killing might be over the top for him or her.


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