Thursday, June 9, 2011

Empire State Building Refuses to Light For Spiderman Broadway Debut


NY,NY;- The worlds most famous skyskraper is refusing the request of Spiderman.Owners of the Empire State Building have asked that once there building is included in the battle scene with green goblin they will turn the lights to spidey's red and blue colors.

I say, "Good for you empire state building!"
Spiderman:Turn Off The Dark" didn't give any thought to ESB when they made the scene. No nod to them, it could have been placed in the back ground, it is there in the real world, but not in the Broadway production. Granted the Chrysler building is very prominent and integral to the scene.

I personally think they should go with the green pictured above in a nod to the Green Goblin.So we will see next if the Empire State Building will cave and indeed "Turn off the Dark"

Link to: Complete story, Empire and Spidey


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