Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People Don't "Look like they are Drowning" When They Are Indeed Drowning

"In the summer of 2002 at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans, a young aircrewman had just returned
with his crew from Lake Maurepas, west of Lake Pontchartrain. A boat with a family of five aboard had capsized
during a squall, and he had deployed to assist the survivors. He began telling his story:
“We arrived on scene and all five of them were in the water; some clinging to debris, some not. As we hovered
above the scene, two of the victims appeared to be looking up at us, treading water. I hurriedly changed into my
wetsuit when I heard the pilot say, ‘They don’t look like they are in any immediate danger. They can wait for
the boat.’
I said, ‘No Sir, they look like they are drowning! ’”
Link to Complete Article in coast guard journal

*All text from "ON SCENE The Journal of theUS Coast Guard Search and Rescue"
Authored by: Mario Vittone and Francesco A. Pia Ph.D

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New "Lord of The Rings" Movies Title and Release Dates

The names and releases dates of the upcoming Lord of the Rings movies are out, here they are.

The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, Release 12/14/12

The Hobbit: There And Back Again, Release 12/13/13

Link to Complete Hobbit Story

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Jim Tressel Resigns As Ohio State Football Coach

This is just breaking right now Jim Tressel has resigned as coach of Ohio State Buckeyes football.Tressel had already been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season do to NCAA violations.

Updates as story develops.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horton From Krejci at 12:36(VIDEO), Bruins Will Play For The Cup

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Boston Bruins vs Vancouver Canucks Schedule, Stanley Cup Finals

Link to: Canadian Pizza Chain, Boston Pizza Changes Name for Stanley Cup Finals

Game 1:Wednesday 6/1/11 Boston @ Vancouver 8PM NBC

Game 2:Saturday 6/4/11 Boston @ Vancouver 8PM NBC

Game 3:Monday 6/6/11 Vancouver @ Boston 8PM Versus

Game 4:Wednesday 6/8/11 Vancouver @ Boston 8PM Versus

Game 5:Friday 6/10/11 Boston @ Vancouver 8PM NBC (if necessary)

Game 6:Monday 6/13/11 Vancouver @ Boston 8PM NBC (if necessary)

Game 7:Wednesday 6/13/11 Boston @ Vancouver 8PM NBC (if necessary)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeff Conaway of Grease and Taxi Fame Dead at 60

After being found unconscious by his ex girlfriend a couple days ago, he had been on life support since. The former movie and TV star was taken off life support today by his family after doctors determined their was nothing more they could do.

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Let's Go Bruins!!! Herb Brooks Pre-Game Miracle Speech By 5 Year Old!!! (VIDEOS)

Original Youtube Version

Live At Fenway Park For Sox Yankees Opening Night

Inspired by: Brian Ross

Thursday, May 26, 2011

David Beckham Grabs Fan, Who Ran On The Field (VIDEO)

Report: Buster Posey Out For The Season

Multiple sources are reporting that reigning NL Rookie of The Year and World Series Champion Buster Posey is out for the season.

This is excerpted from Chris Haft story on MLB.com:

"Club sources didn't explicitly divulge Posey's condition, which wasn't expected to become fully known until he undergoes a MRI. But before the Giants' announcement, multiple insiders did speak of Posey's leg with an absence of hope. The injury might include torn ligaments.

Posey, 24, was hurt during Wednesday night's 12th inning as he absorbed a home-plate collision with Florida's Scott Cousins, who scored the tiebreaking run in the Marlins' 7-6 victory."

Link to complete MLB.com Buster Posey story


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have You Heard of Bitcoin? (VIDEO)

Mark Haines Gets Emotional About The Death Of Osama Bin Laden and 9/11 (VIDEO)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mark Haines Says Good Bye To Erin Burnett (VIDEO)

Erin Burnett On The Death of Mark Haines (VIDEO)

Link to Carl Quintanilla announces the passing of Mark Haines (VIDEO)

Link to Mark Haines Says Goodbye to Erin Burnett (VIDEO)

Mark Haines of CNBC Dies Unexpectedly (VIDEO)

Link to Erin Burnett Comments on the death of Mark Haines (VIDEO)

The former co-host of CNBC's "SQUAWK BOX" passed away at his home on Monday May 24, 2011.

Carl Quintanilla announces and discusses with all the CNBC anchors the life passing of their colleague Mark Haines.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Gay Parents Bashed (VIDEO)

This is not a commentary on gay rights, my commentary is about how you should treat people. No matter what your opinion on gay marriage all people need to be respected and treated with dignity even if you disagree with them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Judgement Day Coming Today?

(Re-posted from 5/17/11)
Excerpted From The Washington Post
By:Matthew Paul Turner

"While I do believe that those who predict that Judgment Day is five days away are incorrect, I don’t believe they are crazy, at least, not crazy like Mel Gibson was crazy in the movie Conspiracy Theory and not crazy like Mel Gibson was crazy in 2007 and then again in 2010....."

Link to complete Matthew Paul Turner, Washington Post Story

Pic: wallpaperpimper.com

In Case it Ends Today

Peace out Cub Scouts!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Judgement Day Coming on Saturday May 21?

Excerpted From The Washington Post
By:Matthew Paul Turner

"While I do believe that those who predict that Judgment Day is five days away are incorrect, I don’t believe they are crazy, at least, not crazy like Mel Gibson was crazy in the movie Conspiracy Theory and not crazy like Mel Gibson was crazy in 2007 and then again in 2010....."

Link to complete Matthew Paul Turner, Washington Post Story


Schwarzenegger Had Love Child With Employee In 2001

So it all comes out a week later. The reason for the split of Maria Shriver and "The Governator". Apparently Arnold fathered a child with a member of their household staff. Schwarzenegger confessed this to his wife after he left office in January, that is when Shriver moved out of there home.

Link to Complete Schwarzenegger Love Child Story

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Navy Will Not Allow Same Sex Unions On Bases

Navy Chief Of Chaplains, Rear Admiral M.L. Tidd issued a memo on same-sex unions "...suspended until further notice pending additional legal policy review and inter-departmental coordination."

This is believed to have come from conservative criticism that it may violate DOMA, The Defense Of Marriage Act.

Link to complete story CNN.com


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lakers Andrew Bynum Suspended 5 games To Start Next Season

Los Angeles lakers Center Andrew Bynum has been suspended 5 games to start next season for his elbow to Dallas Mavericks guard JJ Barea

Complete Story NBCSports.com


Schedule Released For Boston Bruins Tampa Bay Lightning Eastern Conference Final Matchup

2011 Eastern Conference Finals Schedule

#3 Boston Bruins #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Game 1 Sat. 5/14/11 @ Boston 8:00PM TV=Versus(Vs)

Game 2 Tues. 5/17/11 @ Boston 8:00PM TV=Versus (Vs)

Game 3 Thurs. 5/19/11 @ TampaBay 8:00PM TV=Versus (Vs)

Game 4 Sat. 5/21/11 @ Tampa Bay 1:30PM TV=NBC

Game 5 Mon. 5/23/11 @ Boston 8:00PM TV=Versus(Vs)*

Game 6 Wed 5/25/11 @ Tampa Bay 8:00PM TV=Versus (Vs)*

Game 7 Fri 5/27/11 @ Boston 8:00PM TV=Vesus (Vs)*

*If Neccessary

Schedule From NHL.com


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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Separate (VIDEO)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Liam's First Animation Project

Your Kids can make small animated videos with this new feature Goanimate on Youtube
My 7 year old made this in less than a minute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Minnesota's Francisco Liriano Throws No-Hitter

Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano has thrown baseball's first no-hitter.

Link to USA Today Liriano No-Hitter Story


French Kissing Via the Internet? New Invention to Make this Possible! (VIDEO)

For this guy, I think he might need a little more ACTUAL kissing before he markets his device. From what I can tell, this is the furthest thing from kissing someone as you could get. You be the judge.. would YOU give this a whirl? (literally... with your tongue?)

Katy Perry Banned From Using The Word Devil In Her Childhood Home

Katy Perry claims words like "deviled-eggs" and "dirt devil" were banned from use in her childhood home.

Link To Original Reuters Katy Perry Story

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2011 TONY Award Nominations

Actor In a Leading Role In a Play:

Brian Bedford: The Importance Of Being Earnest

Bobby Cannavale: The Mother With The Hat

Joe Mantello: The Normal Heart

Al Pacino: The Merchant Of Venice

Mark Rylance: Jerusalem

Actress In a Leading Role In a Play:

Nina Arland: Born Yesterday

Frances McDormand: Good people

Lily Rabe:The Merchant of Venice

Vanessa Redgrave: Driving Miss Daisy

Hannah Yelland: Brief Encounter

Actor In a Leading Role In a Musical

Norbert Leo Butz: Catch Me If You Can

Josh Gad: The Book Of Mormon

Joshua Henry: The Scottsboro Boys

Andrew Rannells: The Book Of Mormon

Tony Sheldon: Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Actress in a Leading Role In a Musical

Sutton Foster: Anything Goes

Beth Leavel: Baby It's You

Patina Miller: Sister Act

Donna Murphy: The People In The Picture

Best Play

Jerusalem/ Jez Butterworth

Good People/ David Lindsay-Abaire

The Mother With The Hat/ Stephen Adly Gurgis

War Horse/ Nick Stafford

Best Musical

The Book Of Mormon

Catch Me If You Can

The Scottsboro Boys

Sister Act

Best Revival Of a Play


The Importance Of Being Earnest

The Merchant of Venice

The Normal Heart

Best Revival Of a Musical

Anything Goes

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Pic: goldderby.latimes.com

Bruins Flyers Highlights Game 2 (VIDEO)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Report: Bin Laden's Body In US Custody

Link To US Drone Strike Kills Osama Bin Laden

ABC NEWS is reporting that the US has custody of Osama Bin Laden's body. Also that US ground forces assisted in the attack in Northwest Pakistan.

Pic: theleftofsatan.blogspot.com

US About to Announce Osama Bin Laden Has Been Killed

Link: US Has Custody of Bin Laden's Body


Update 11:15; United States Military has custody of his body.

This is breaking as we speak I will update as it comes in. Reports say that President Obama is about to make a statement that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan by US Navy SEAL Team 6, the attack happened around 3:30 Eastern Standard Time,reportedly been confirmed by a DNA match.

Pic: peghansen.com

Mother Dog Nurses Bengal Tiger Kittens (VIDEO)