Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sex In The Kitchen


Now most people think that it begins in the bedroom but I think that it is in the kitchen!

Ask yourself this....Do your children know that you and your husband are in love? Do they see hugs and kisses? Do they notice sweet words and endearing glances? Do they see that playful tap as you walk by each other? I remember a woman telling me about the conversation that she was able to have with her teenage daughter as she was washing her nightie in perfumed water, getting ready to go on a weekend get away.

I pray that there is not even a question in your child's mind as to the depth of relationship between you and your mate. I realize that it goes without saying that there is much more to be considered along these lines...

Emotional attention: Do your children see you console, listen to and comfort one another? Do they only hear you say good things about each other ?
Do they see that you truly "prefer" one another over the rest of the world and all that it contains?
Do they see you as an united front?
Are you demonstrating how to disagree in a healthy way?

Believe me.... many things are seen, heard and learned in the kitchen....

and for you single parents..... They are learning from your singleness as well....every minute of every day.
How you deal with anger, fear, disappointment and relationships. On the phone are you saying one thing and acting out another?
Man ~oh ~ man Lots more than food is cookin' in the kitchen!

Marnie has made her home in Salem,NH for the past 39 years .Children raised, she is excited to minister the Lord's rest to the women that come to her door. Over the years many have known her home as a "shelter in the time of storm" or a place for a friendly cup of tea. She welcomes you to come and share her home....put your feet up....enjoy the gardens and fountains or toast by the crackling fireplace. Whenever, Whatever, Wherever...You will leave refreshed.
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