Friday, March 18, 2011

What Could Happen at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Scientist Explains in Laymen's Terms

Possible Path of Fallout from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant (PIC)

With the nuclear accident level being raised from a four to a five on the seven level international scale.Here is a great article that really gets into what could happen at Fukushima Daiichi.

All the news I have been hearing since it started has been very vague, even as your fearless blogger partner in all things "news" I have been unable to find "what's up" or what could really happen. All other has been sugarcoated by either the Japanese government in some asinine way to protect their people from panicking(but let them sit in a radioactive zone).

"Seal yourself in your house" the Japanese government said. Tip for you, if you can breathe in your house air can still get in. If you can't breathe because you have done it correctly, congrats you're dead. Humans need oxygen. So as you blissfully sit in your house as radiation rains from above, you are still breathing it and it will stay on your roof for a long time. I digress, here is the worst possible scenario as told by Nuclear Scientist Dr. Michael Allen who studied nuclear accidents and performed many scenarios.

"If workers are unable to get additional cooling water into the reactor vessel, the molten fuel core will collapse into the water in bottom of the vessel. Eventually the heat from the decaying fuel would boil away the water that's left, leaving the core sitting on the vessel's lower head made of steel.

Should that happen, "It'll melt through it like butter," Allen said.

That, in turn, would cause a "high-pressure melt injection" into the water-filled concrete cavity below the reactor. Because the concrete would likely be unheated, the reaction created by the sudden injection of the reactor's ultra-hot content would be immense, he said.

"It'll be like somebody dropped a bomb, and there'll be a big cloud of very, very radioactive material above the ground," Allen said, noting that it would contain uranium and plutonium, as well as the fission products."

Remember this is a possible scenario.

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