Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If Ya Like Coffee.

Kid Frank
Anne Random

So, in trade for watching Zoey the wonder Pug while our friends went out of town (to Sox spring training no less)s. They brought us the greatest coffee "Demon Roast" I have ever had in my life.... no joke,(Not from spring training, from Prime Roast Coffee,Keene NH
Disclaimer: I have not been paid one dollar for this post,I truly love their coffee You MUST have this coffee if your'e a big fan of bold coffee, as Prime Roast describes, it's "wicked dark" like the lobster in "Finding Nemo". My husband and I are HOOKED. Check out these guys and order yourself some "Demon Roast"-- I promise, its worth your while, money and effort.... your tastebuds will thank you and you will be supporting the local economy.

I have not been to there retail location in downtown Keene, a friend Carl or Ed makes the run for the sought after Coffee.Thanks Ed, I think(Carl and Ed are the same person). Here is a link to a review of there cafe in downtown Keene, NH from


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