Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brandon Merriweather Accused of Shooting Two in Florida

Details are sketchy and there has not been a police report filed. Here is what is alleged to have happened. A friend of Merriweather was in a fight at a party and was losing the fight. Merriweather allegedly discharged his fire arm one time.That one bullet is supposed to have grazed one man in the head hit another man through his cheek then lodged in his head. Like I said, this is all very preliminary some major news outlets are not even reporting it. The Lawyer who took the case is a very well known "TV" lawyer in Florida, reportedly not the most honorable guy. Some think it is just a play to get some cash out of Merriweather.

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  1. "there" has not been a police report filed... Not their dumbass

  2. Thanks, I can be a dumb ass."Dumb ass" is two words.I appreciate the edit.