Friday, February 18, 2011

Report: Steve Jobs has only Six Weeks to Live

Picture of Steve Jobs at Obama's Tech Round Table 2/16/11

Just stumbled across this and I know it is originally sourced from the National Enquirer. If you put two and two together it does make sense.The National Enquirer says they have pics of an "emaciated Jobs... outside the Stanford Cancer Center the same place Swayze was treated in his final days" Jobs does have more money than god and can afford advanced treatment for his pancreatic cancer unlike the regular Joe. Also Jobs money makes some previous celebrities who had pancreatic cancer Michel Landon and Patrick Swayze seem like regular Joes. Remember how quick Patrick Swayze went, I think it was less than 2 years. Take it with a grain of salt but we will see in 6 weeks or so.

That's All!

Link to original story


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