Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Massive Violence Breaks out in Egypt's Tahrir Square Today 2/2/11 (5 Videos)

Link:In Egypt are the Police and Military Secretly Working Together

So in case you missed it because you had to work or were away from your computer. Here is a breakdown of what happened today in Egypt. The situation changed drastically today when Pro-Mubarak protesters showed up. Things started to get real crazy when about 50 men riding horses and camels carrying whips and clubs galloped through the crowd whipping anti-government protesters. Many of the riders were pulled of their animals and beaten by the crowd (Video 1).

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Protesters on both sides began to find any kind of projectile they could to fight the other side. Screaming and yelling and banging could be heard(Vid 2).

Then a big rock fight broke out(Video 3).

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The rock fight then evolved into molotov cocktail fight with larger incendiary devices being thrown off the tops of buildings into the crowd. This is when it got real scary.The military began spraying water to douse the flames and calm the protesters.

The military was spraying even more water as The Cairo Museum was threatened. The Cairo Museum is the home to many of King Tut's artifacts including his death mask.

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