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Boston's Heart Breaking Sports History Including Boston / New York Rivalry                  
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The Boston/New York rivalry has been around a long time. It goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Since the days of Paul Revere and William Dawes there has been competition between these two cities. But I digress as a Gen Xer, Boston sports fan born in 1975 my sports life (except for the Celtics when I was young) has been full of disappointment. Mostly ( over 50%) at the hands of New York teams.

It all started for me at Fenway Park October 2,1978. I can't even remember it but I was there in the left field grandstand sleeping on my mom's lap, an innocent child when not 100 feet away a chip shot fell into the net over Green Monster. Breaking Boston's heart.

Celtics had a great run in the 80's but that all ended in 1986 when still the highlight of my sports fan life happened. My dad took me to game 6 of the NBA Finals I was eleven. The Celtics won, they were champions of the NBA, Larry Bird was MVP I got to walk on the parquet at The Old Garden Confetti falling from the rafters. All was good in the world.

From the peak to the trough in 4 months. I think Vin Scully said it best.
"So the winning run is at second base, with two outs, three and two to Mookie Wilson. Little roller up along first; Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!"
Boston's heart broken again.
The Celtics went to the Finals the next year against the Lakers hoping to provide a dose of antibiotic but they lost.
Boston's heart broken again.

Bruins went to the Stanley Cup Finals against Edmonton in 1988 and had problems with fog. NHL was forced to abandon a tied Stanley Cup game 4 near the end of the second period because of a isolated power failure at The Old Garden. Bruins lost the series when the game was replayed two nights later.
Boston's heart broken again.

Bruins back to the Finals in 1990 against Edmonton again they lost, you get the picture.
Boston's heart broken again.

The early 90's were a dead zone for Boston sports. Red Sox couldn't get past the first round, Patriots could barely win a game.The bottom was found and the first brick in the foundation for the greatest decade for one city in sports history was laid.(I know this may be blasphemous to some but it is just a comparison). Our "John the Baptist" came to Foxborough,MA in the form of a Big Tuna, Bill Parcells. I know some people around here still hate him for how he left but he showed the Patriots how to build a real football team, he laid the foundation. Got them back to the Super Bowl, then abruptly left for the Jets. With phone calls between NY and Parcells during Super Bowl week when he was supposed to be formulating a game plan. The Patriots lost the Super Bowl to Brett Favre and The Packers (Favre's only championship)
Boston's heart broken again.

The Pete Carrol era began....
... and ended.The Jets stole Curtis Martin.
Meanwhile the Yankees were winning four championships in five years.
Boston's heart broken again.

In 1999 Fenway hosted the All-Star game, Jeter and Nomar were friends.Mark Mcgwire along with the help of steroids and a juiced ball was hitting moon shots onto the Mass Pike and Pedro Martinez set a record and threw his arm out by striking out 5 of the first six batters. In October the Red Sox became the first team in MLB history to come back down 2 games to none in five game series with Pedro Martinez pitching six innings of no-hit relief in game 5.

For the first time in history the Red Sox and Yankees faced each other for the American League Championship. Unfortunately the Sox ran into a Steamroller and were defeated 4 games to 1.One highlight was when some Sox fans jumped into the Yankee bullpen and tried to fight the Yankee relievers.
Boston's heart broken again.


Once again the rivalry between the cities goes back to the founding of the United States. The Jets/pats rivalry was seeded in 1997 when the Jets stole Bill Parcells, Belichick and Curtis Martin from the Patriots.The Patriots threatened legal action against the Jets. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue awarded the Patriots a 3rd and 4th round draft pick in exchange for releasing Parcells from his contract.Parcell turned the Jets around and brought the Jets to the 1998 AFC Championship game which they lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos.

Two years later in 2000 the Patriots stole Bill Belichick back from the Jets. In one of the strangest moments in NFL coaching as Parcells was resigning as head coach of the Jets, he and the Jets management had agreed that Belichick would succeed him as head coach. Belichick had other ideas he scribbled on a piece of paper " I resign as HC of NYJ" he then took the podium and explained his actions. Many people in the New York media thought he had lost his mind. Belichick was hired by the Patriots and gave the Jets their first round pick in 2000 for compensation.

Two years later Belichick led the Patriots to their first championship in franchise history in Super Bowl XXXVI. In addition two years later he would win back to back Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX.The rivalry floundered during those years as the Patriots were the NFL's premiere franchise and the Jets were mediocre.

The rivalry picked up again in 2006 when the Jets hired Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini as head coach. Another incident happened when Belichick prevented mangini from retrieving his personal belongings from Gillete Stadium in fear that he would recruit Patriots staff to the Jets. Early in the 2006 season the Patriots accused the Jets of tampering with wide receiver Deion Branch who was holding out for a better contract. The Jets were cleared and Mangini brought the Jets back to the playoffs where they played the Patriots in the wildcard round and were thumped 37-16.

In 2007 the Patriots became the first team to complete a perfect 16-0 regular season. They made it to the Super Bowl where they were upset by the underdog New York Giants.
Boston's heart broken again.
(this day is referred to as "Black Sunday" in New England)

In 2009 the Jets hired Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as head coach and in his first remarks to the media during Pats/Jets week he said "I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings"

In the summer of 2010 Rex Ryan wrote on ESPN's tour bus "soon to be champs" and has expressed many times how he believes the Jets are a Super Bowl team.He has angered many fans by these comments. He says he does not regret it.
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Before last weeks game against the Colts he made a statement about Peyton Manning and a backhand at Tom Brady "No quarterback studies as much as Peyton.. Brady may think he does".
This really riled up the Patriots fans. I don't think he meant to go after Brady I think he was just trying to complement Manning, Belichick style. he just can't help himself.Then this week he said that the match up against the Patriots was personal between him and Belichick and that the teams were just about even and it came down to him stepping his game up. Okay yeah,I thought at first(sarcasm). He was asked about those comments and his overwhelming sense of superiority to the Patriots, and what if they lose how will he feel. He said their were no degrees if you lose, so if you lose you are going to feel bad anyway. He's right.

During this weeks media Jets player Antonio Cromartie said "he hates" Tom Brady and called him " an *sshole." That was followed by Patriots receiver Wes Welker using some creative words to talk about the game with the Jets and references to Ryans foot fetish video.

Welker's foot press conference video

That was followed up by Jets Linebacker Bart Scott “I’ll tell you what,’’ he said. “Be very careful what you say about our coach. [Welker’s] days in a uniform will be numbered. Put it like that.’’
Which in turn the NFL issued a statement that if "Illegal physical acts occur"
statements made during the week will be taken into account.

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