Monday, February 21, 2011

21 Free iPhone Apps to keep your Financial House in Order

I was just reading this great story on It was all about all the free apps for budgeting and financial fitness that are available for iPhone.If you are anything like me I have bills all over the house, I lose everything and end up asking my wife where all my papers are.

I hope they have all these apps for the iPad as I am so excited along with my wife and boys to have one. Maybe this will help with my conversion to Apple. Having always been a defender of PC's even though I have no technical expertise, just because I always thought Apple products cost too much. I can tell you this much after being the owner of an iPad for a day and a half Apple products are worth the extra money just in their ease of use.

Any who here is the link to the story I was referring to:

21 free iPhone apps for staying financially fit

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