Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Swinging Yoga, Russian Woman twirls baby around head (VIDEO)

My wife stumbled across this the other day and was very alarmed by it. Is this safe? It does not look so healthy for the babies joints. From my own experience, when my son was three or four I was washing his hands in the bathroom and i went to pull his sleeve up and I dislocated his elbow. How safe is "baby swinging yoga"? What if you lose your grip and throw the kid off the house? Your comments would be appreciated.
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  1. what the... dude. if you're going to do yoga like that do it with a weighted doll or something. i'm against this.
    thats a young baby too. i'm pretty sure doctors would freak out. as far as i've heard you have to be super careful to not hold a baby up by its hands when they're that young.. ah!! ::cringe::

  2. I can't even watch the whole thing. I just want to run and take that baby away from that lady and just hold it close to me. Can I just say how the heck can someone watch THAT and think it's somehow soothing and helpful to a baby, and yet possibly turn around and think that Michael Jackson dangling his son off a balcony was dangerous?? I am HORRIFIED by this video. Wow. How would anyone even feel comfortable enough to TRY whipping a baby around the room like that?