Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Pet Bunny-Rabbit?

Kid Frank

My stepdad, John , is really into trains.

Seriously. He's got an insane model train layout in the basement, with just enough room for the washer and dryer in the corner. The rest is all trains.

He also subscribes to Model Train magazine, and, when we were all younger, he would stop the car on the way to just about anwhere, because he wanted to take pictures of some train-related damned thing. We were damn thrilled. Every damn time. I promise.

So, one time, when I was about 11, we stopped at a railyard of some sort that was in or near Dover, NH. (Memory's a bit fuzzy now.) And we noticed, down in the turntable, there was little white bunny hopping along, looking like it needed help. (By 'turntable', by the way, I don't mean 'record player.' In railroad terms, a turntable is a big circular pit, about as deep as a swimming pool, with a sort of 'bridge' running through the middle; Basically the idea is to connect a train from one track to another, at one of these places.)

For some reason, I was volunteered to be dropped down into this pit, to rescue the bunny. Thinking about it now, this bunny was very easy to catch. I just picked it up, just like your cat at home. No biting or scratching; Kind of odd.

I was pulled back up, and we let the bunny go. And as this bunny hopped away into the woods, John said, 'Geez, I hope that wasn't someone's pet, and he put it down there for the day, to keep it safe??'

I hoped so too, because that bunny was gone. This railyard and turntable are now gone, too, according to John. Only the memory remains.

I hope the bunny was OK.

Pic: foxatosforum.forumfree.it/

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