Thursday, October 7, 2010

Disturbing "climate change" commercial ( commentary)

Don't get me wrong I recycle and I believe you should do your best to keep the earth clean. One question I ask is ,what would the reaction be to this commercial be if it was done by a or about an issue that was to the right of center?

Picture it, the teacher asks the class " How many of you believe we should have the right to bear arms?"

She then proceeds to blow up the people who don't believe in this right. This commercial would then be called politically incorrect or insensitive. All I am trying to say hear people is "believe what you believe because you believe it," not because some republican or democrat tells you to. Call a spade a spade. Just because you agree with someone on one issue does not make you agree on all issues. Vice versa just because you disagree on one issue does not mean you disagree on all issues.

If I told you I was a Pro Life, Evangelical Christian I bet you would assume that I was against the "Ground Zero Mosque"( which is not at ground zero) you would be wrong. What if I told you I was for amnesty for illegal immigrants, would that make me a liberal?

No, that makes me, me.

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