Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Salem NH Voting Results

The voters of Salem approved $22 million bond to renovate sprinkler systems, add multipurpose rooms and move Kindergarten inside at 3 elementary schools. Needing 60% the article achieved 61 % of the vote 2613 for/1653 against. Renovations will begin in the summer to 3 schools Barron , North Salem and Lancaster.

All Town articles except for the replacement of all water meters were passed.

Patrick Hargreaves kept his Selectman seat by a narrow margin 2099 to 2078 over challenger Nanci Carney.

Stephen Campbell and Diana Seifert won for Budget Committee.

Linda Harvey and James Keller won Three year terms for Planning Board.

Jeffrey Gray won a one year term on Planning Board.

Patrick McDougall won for Zoning Board of Adjustment.

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