Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger, Tiger Woods Y'all, And another one

And another of Tiger's alleged mistresses comes out. I guess I am naive and blinded by my love for Tiger. I got to admit I thought Tiger could do no wrong.
I was under the impression that the worst thing Tiger ever did was smash a driver when he shanked a shot off the tee.
Amazing the way this story has unfolded in a quick four and a half days. I remember back fondly to Black Friday late, afternoon. Breaking News "Tiger Woods severely injured in car accident....."
What, Tiger could crash he always seemed like such a good driver in those Buick Rendezvous commercials nevermind it 's a SUV for ladies in their 50's and 60's. To me the craziest thing Tiger Woods did was imitate Bill Murray in those Nike Caddyshack commercials.
Now a cocktail waitress from Vegas who appeared on a show called Tool Academy says she has Text messages with a sexual theme and a voice mail message withe Tiger saying "he thinks his wife knows he has been cheating on her"

Thats All!!!

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