Thursday, September 25, 2014

Salem, NH Police Chief Suspended                  
"SALEM - Town officials are staying mum on the events leading up to the suspension of Police Chief Paul Donovan. In an interview Thursday morning, Town Manager Keith Hickey declined to comment on the matter. Asked if he could confirm Donovan's suspension, he replied, “I can, but I choose not to.” Hickey added any records "pertaining to internal personnel practices," including the minutes of a nonpublic meeting held Sept. 22, had been sealed and were therefore exempt from RSA 91-A, or the state's Right to Know law" continue reading story on click here *Photo courtesy *Quoted text from

South Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Shoots Unarmed Man (VIDEO)                  

Four Fireballs Light Up The Night Sky Over Eastern U.S. Overnight (GRAPHIC)                  
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